Israeli Independence Day celebrated tonight in Netanya.(Jack Guez/AFP/GettyImages)

• Ethan Bronner, in what’s probably one of his final dispatches, takes stock of Israel at the age of 64. [NYT]

• An L.A. Persian-Jewish accused Ponzi schemer was also a major Obama campaign bundler; the campaign will return his cash. [Politico]

• U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern at Israel’s legalization of three West Bank outposts. [Haaretz]

• Do a word-search for “genocide” in this White House statement on Armenian Remembrance Day. Hint: you won’t get any hits. [White House]

Mein Kampf to be reprinted in Germany for the first time since World War Two. [NYDN Page Views]

• No Israeli fencers qualified for the London Olympics—the first miss since 1988. [Ynet]

Happy 64th, Israel.