President Peres and the Netanyahu's at the funeral today.(Gali Tibbon/AFP/GettyImages)

• Prime Minister Netanyahu eulogized his father. [Ynet]

• Suzy Khimm has an incredible report on how Occupy Wall Street is working hard to change the regulatory system. (Among the wonks, you’ll find plenty of Jewish names. [WP]

• Sometimes dogs eat shit. Same goes for countries. Shalom Auslander’s latest. [Haaretz]

• There is a dating coach on Long Island who specializes in the ex-Orthodox. [Slate]

• The family of the little boy who kicks off Peter Beinart’s The Crisis of Zionism thinks less highly of Israel than Beinart does, by a lot. [JPost]

• Jeff Goldberg explains why forthcoming elections make an Israeli attack on Iran less likely. [Atlantic Goldblog]

A six-year-old autistic boy’s rendition of “Piano Man,” below, has received Billy Joel’s seal of approval. Maybe he’s just relieved he won’t be asked to play it.