President Abbas addressing the Tunisian parliament yesterday.(Fethi Belaid/AFP/GettyImages)

• President Abbas said, oddly enough, “I choose [Prime Minister] Netanyahu as my partner for peace. With whom else can I make peace?” He reiterated his call for a settlement freeze before returning to talks. [Haaretz]

• After the weekend’s rush of vocal opposition to an attack on Iran, you knew this was coming: Defense Minister Barak speculated that sanctions would fail, meaning military action would be necessary. [NYT]

• Israel’s national security adviser heads to Brussels for “secret” E.U. meetings about the nuclear talks in Baghdad later this month. [Haaretz]

• Former Kadima leader Tzipi Livni resigned from Knesset, but may soon form her own party in advance of expected elections. [Ynet]

• The past decade saw rising income inequality in Israel: not anything as bad as in the United States, but significant. [Haaretz]

• A Likud minister told an American audience that the Mitt Romney-Netanyahu relationship had been “exaggerated.” [Buzzfeed Politics]