Satmar Hasidim in Kiryas Joel, New York, celebrating Lag B'Omer last night.(Stan Honda/AFP/GettyImages)

• Long, in-depth, must-read report on the practice of shunning and even threatening in some of New York’s ultra-Orthodox communities of members who take accusations of child abuse to the civic authorities. [NYT]

• Newly released satellite photos appear to show Iran cleansing a suspected nuclear facility, which would confirm international inspectors’ fears. [WSJ]

• This morning, at least 55 were killed in two explosions in Damascus itself. [WSJ]

• Hamas has a new official, 300-man brigade dedicated to halting rocket attacks, usually by Islamic Jihad or its ilk—assuming Israel hasn’t attacked first. So far, it has proven effective, and could represent tacit cooperation with Israel. [Haaretz]

• Jenin, a shining city on a hill of Palestinian self-rule, is at risk of slipping back into lawlessness. [NYT]

• Fareed Zakaria argues that the new government makes Prime Minister Netanyahu stronger, and hopes that strength will be put only to peaceful use. [WP]