Illustration: Sam Vanallemeersch
Illustration: Sam Vanallemeersch
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The Talmud Adami: Adam Kirsch’s Complete ‘Daf Yomi’ Columns

Seven-and-a-half years, 2,711 pages, 288 columns, plus 2 podcasts, a camel on fire, a eunuch, bowls full of sacrificial blood, and an elephant that might be dead

Adam Kirsch
January 10, 2020
Illustration: Sam Vanallemeersch
Illustration: Sam Vanallemeersch

From Aug. 29, 2012 to Jan. 4, 2020, literary critic Adam Kirsch read a page a day of Talmud, along with Jews around the world, completing the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi. Over that span, his columns analyzing the text appeared weekly and biweekly in Tablet. Here, in one place, is all 288 of those pieces: insightful, erudite, and very different from the kind of religious commentary that most readers of the Talmud engage in.

In addition, twice over the years, Kirsch talked about the experience: first in 2013, just starting out, when he sat down with Jonathan Rosen, author of The Talmud and the Internet:

and again in 2019, nearing completion, with the hosts of Unorthodox, Tablet’s podcast:

His final column, wrapping up what he learned, is here.

Full list of Adam Kirsch’s Daf Yomi columns:

Tractate Column Date
Berachot August 7, 2012 A Talmudic Journey Begins
Berachot August 14, 2012 The Talmud's Many Demons
Berachot August 21, 2012 Talmud’s Warriors and Scholars
Berachot August 28, 2012 Let's Get Physical
Berachot September 5, 2012 Talmudic Rebbe-llion
Berachot Septermber 11, 2012 The Right Way To Pray
Berachot September 25, 2012 Talmudic Pride and Prejudice
Berachot October 16, 2012 The Rabbis' Mental World
Shabbat October 23, 2012 Of Lice and Men
Shabbat November 6, 2012 Standing on One Foot
Shabbat November 13, 2012 First-Century Technology
Shabbat November 19, 2012 Eggs and Babies
Shabbat November 27, 2012 The Power of Positive Thinking
Shabbat November 30, 2012 Testing My Faith 
Shabbat December 3, 2012 The Badness of Good Stories
Shabbat December 11, 2012 Does God Care About Shoes?
Shabbat December 18, 2012 Why the Shabbath Is Everything
Shabbat January 8, 2013 Intention Versus Action
Shabbat January 15, 2013 The Pretenders
Shabbat January 23, 2013 Things Broken and Repaired
Shabbat January 29, 2013 Rabbinic Mind Games
Shabbat February 5, 2013 Queen for a Day
Shabbat February 12, 2013 Can't Touch This
Shabbat February 19, 2013 Birth Right
Shabbat February 26, 2013 Ancient Laws for Modern Times
Shabbat March 5, 2013 Leave the Jewish People Alone
Shabbat March 12, 2013 Written in the Stars (Or Not)
Eruvin March 18, 2013 Navigating the Talmud’s Alleys
Eruvin March 29, 2013 Close Encounters with Talmud 
Eruvin April 9, 2013 Are Truffles Food?
Eruvin April 16, 2013 Crossing the Line
Eruvin April 23, 2013 When Messiah Is an Afterthought
Eruvin April 30, 2013 The Talmud’s Absolute Value
Eruvin May 7, 2013 You Only Live Once
Eruvin May 14, 2013 The Irrelevance of Pleasure 
Eruvin May 21, 2013 Who Can Follow These Rules?
Eruvin June 4, 2013 The Talmud Paints a Vivid Picture of Jewish Family Life
Eruvin June 11, 2013 Why the Talmud Draws Imaginary Lines All Around Us—and Over Our Heads
Eruvin June 18, 2013 How the Talmud Maps Behavior by Exploring Definitions, Not Listing Rules
Eruvin June 25, 2013 In the Talmud’s Timeless Laws, a Vast Temple of the Mind
Pesachim July 2, 2013 The Talmud’s Abstractions Live in Concrete Examples About Candles and Weasels
Pesachim July 9, 2013 Math Lessons and Quantum Physics in Studies of Rabbinic Stringency and Leniency
Pesachim July 16, 2013 Appreciating the Talmud’s Sublime Devotion to Torah for Its Own Sake
Pesachim July 23, 2013 In the Shadow of the Divine, Reaping Unintended Benefits at the Edges of the Law
Pesachim July 30, 2013 The Talmud, in Seeking To Eliminate Ambiguity, Maps the Invisible Onto the Visible
Pesachim August 6, 2013 How the Talmud Has Bridged the Gaps Between Various Jewish Cultures for Ages
Pesachim August 13, 2013 Are American Jews Creating a New Jewishness, or Just Abandoning the Real Kind?
Pesachim August 20, 2013 Good Jewish Fences Once Made Good Jewish Neighbors. Do They Still?
Pesachim August 27, 2013 In the Talmud, Minds Full of Torah Instead of Bowls Full of Sacrificial Blood
Pesachim September 10, 2013 When Talmud Is the Focus of Jewish Observance, Theology Comes to Life
Pesachim September 17, 2013 When the Rabbis Do Things by the Book, They Give the Talmud Its ‘Talmudic’ Qualities
Pesachim September 24, 2013 In the Talmud, Jews in Exile Are Considered Defenseless Before Their Enemies
Pesachim October 1, 2013 We No Longer Live in the World of Talmudic Rabbis. What’s a Modern Jew to Do?
Pesachim October 8, 2013 When the Rabbis Got Together for Shabbat Dinner, Drama—and Law—Ensued
Pesachim October 15, 2013 Magical Thinking, Superstition, and Incantations in Jewish Oral Law
Pesachim October 22, 2013 On the Origin of Passover’s Four Questions and the Renewal of Miracles
Shekalim October 29, 2013 There Are Thieves in the Temple. Or Are They Sacred Messengers?
Shekalim November 5, 2013 Reconstructing the Life of the Temple and Its All-Too-Human Denizens
Shekalim November 12, 2013 The Importance of Cubits and Shewbread and Everything That Makes Your Eyes Glaze Over
Yoma November 19, 2013 The Talmud’s Yom Kippur, With Sacrifice and Blood, Is Nothing Like Jewish Ritual Today
Yoma November 26, 2013 The Talmud Says God Can’t Protect Jews From Persecution; They Must Take Precautions
Yoma December 3, 2013 Miraculous Architecture of the First Temple Leads to Religious Sectarianism in the Second
Yoma December 10, 2013 What the Talmud Would Say About the Pew Survey of American Jews: Stop Counting
Yoma December 17, 2013 Which Came First: Abraham and the Patriarchs or Moses and the Torah?
Yoma December 24, 2013 In the Talmud, the Fall of a Priestly Upper Class Is Just Deserts
Yoma January 7, 2014 The Talmud Pays Little Attention to What Jews Believe, Yet Asks Them To Have Faith
Yoma January 14, 2014 What Happens When the Talmud Asks, ‘What If?’
Yoma January 21, 2014 Some Jewish Acts Seem Meaningless. The Talmud Says You Should Do Them Anyway.
Yoma January 28, 2014 Too Much, Too Little: Talmudic Rabbis’ Creativity Shines When Interpreting Prohibitions
Yoma February 4, 2014 In the Talmud, One Sin Is Beyond Repentance: Giving God and Jews a Bad Name
Sukkah February 11, 2014 How Large Must a Sukkah Be To Be Called a Sukkah—And Yet Still Be Far From Heaven?
Sukkah February 19, 2014 Math Problem for Talmudic Rabbis: Building the Right Size Sukkah
Sukkah February 25, 2014 In the Talmud, Jews Losing Touch With the Everyday Words of the Holy Land
Sukkah March 4, 2014 Rationalism, Mysticism, Slaves, and a Sukkah Made From an Elephant
Sukkah March 11, 2014 Jewish Culture Was Not Always a Response to Non-Jewish Culture
Sukkah March 18, 2014 The Talmud Is a Training Manual for Jews Preparing for the Next Holy Era
Sukkah March 25, 2014 Why Read Daf Yomi? To Rediscover an Older Way of Imagining the Jewish Spirit.
Sukkah April 1, 2014 Jugglers, Acrobats, a Magnificent Temple—and Notably No Political Strife
Beizah April 8, 2014 Which Came First: The Chicken, the Egg, or the Divine Law That Governs Their Use?
Beizah April 29, 2014 Why Did God Choose the Jewish People To Receive the Torah?
Beizah May 6, 2014 Talmudic Rabbis, All Men, Admit They Cannot Bring Women Under Their Power
Beizah May 13, 2014 Which Is More Sacred: a Festival or Shabbat? A Mitzvah or Money?
Rosh Hashanah May 20, 2014 On the Impossibility of Over-Interpreting the Bible
Rosh Hashanah May 28, 2014 Can God Be Tricked Into Forgiving Unethical Behavior?
Rosh Hashanah June 3, 2014 Talmudic Rabbinical Thought Was Part Lunatic, Part Moon Shot
Rosh Hashanah June 10, 2014 Talmudic Rabbis Debate the Practice of the Law Versus the Intention Behind It
Rosh Hashanah June 17, 2014 When the Talmud Replaced the Temple as the Structure at the Heart of Jewish Life
Ta’anit June 24, 2014 In the Rains, Talmudic Symbols of Goodwill, Punishment, and a Deep Covenant
Ta’anit July 1, 2014 Better To Suffer or Better To Live? Eating—and Not Eating—as a Meritorious Jewish Act
Ta’anit July 8, 2014 Why Even The Greatest Rabbis Can't Be Trusted 
Ta’anit July 15, 2014 Why Early Jews Didn’t Care at All About Christians
Megilla July 22, 2014 Is the Book of Esther—a Story Told in Human Terms, Not Miracles—a Holy Book?
Megilla July 29, 2014 When the Talmud Offers Close Readings of Sacred Fictions
Megilla August 5, 2014 American Jews Speak English, but Our Sacred Texts Are in Hebrew
Megilla August 12, 2014 How Can We Respect Both the Sanctity of Jewish Things and the Practical Needs of the Jews?
Moed Katan August 19, 2014 Are Jews Meant To Be Farmers, Workers, or Thinkers?
Moed Katan August 26, 1014 In the Days Between the Major Holidays, Little Clues to Jewish Ritual and Life
Moed Katan September 9, 2014 Rules for Hair Cutting and Rending Garments—and Exceptions for Newborns
Chagiga September 16, 2014 If Even the Angel of Death Makes Mistakes, Where Is There True Justice?
Chagiga September 23, 2014 The Talmud’s Mysticism Is Too Mindblowing Even for Its Students
Chagiga October 7, 2014 The Study of Law as a Spiritual Act: Finding Truth and Meaning in the Talmud
Yevamot October 14, 2014 Sex With Your Uncle? OK. Sex With Your Widowed Daughter’s Rival? Not OK.
Yevamot October 21, 2014 The Talmud’s Difficulty Is What Makes the Talmud ‘Talmudic’—And Unlike the Law
Yevamot October 18, 2014 How To Solve Disputes Between Schools of Jewish Thought? In Private, or Not at All.
Yevamot November 4, 2014 Converting for Love (Like Natalie Portman’s Husband)? The Talmud Forbids It.
Yevamot November 18, 2014 Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Brother’s Wife. Unless He Dies. Then—Well, Here’s the Thing…
Yevamot November 25, 2014 Talmudic Rabbis Ponder Sexual Relations That Are Prohibited by Jewish Law
Yevamot December 2, 2014 Can a Woman Rape a Man, as Shia LaBoeuf Claimed? The Rabbis Have a Say.
Yevamot December 9, 2014 Virgins, ‘Partial Virgins,’ Sodomy, Bestiality, Prostitutes, Marriage, and Forbidden Sex
Yevamot December 16, 2014 Only the Wife Knows If the Husband’s ‘Semen Shoots Like an Arrow’
Yevamot December 30, 2014 Does a Penis Make the Man? Hermaphrodites, Eunuchs, and Jews With Genital Deformities
Yevamot January 6, 2015 The Return of Martin Guerre: Abandoned, Adulterous, Raped, and Widowed Wives
Yevamot January 13, 2015 Let’s Talk About Sex With Minors, Rape, and ‘Uncovering the Nakedness’ of Sisters
Yevamot January 20, 2015 In Matters of Divorce, as in Uber’s ‘Surge Pricing,’ What’s Unjust Isn’t Always Illegal
Yevamot January 27, 2015 Juliet’s Dilemma: Seduced Unmarried Minors Engaging in ‘Licentious Sexual Intercourse’
Ketubot February 10, 2015 Virgin Brides, Premarital Sex, and Jewish Patriarchal Ownership of Female Bodies
Ketubot February 17, 2015 Virginity Is a Commodity (and Can Be Divined by Sitting a Bride on a Wine Barrel)
Ketubot February 24, 2015 Can a Blind Bride Be Attractive? If Not, How Do You Pay Her a Compliment?
Ketubot March 3, 2015 Belief, Truth, and Lies in Divorce, Marriage, Rape, and Female Chastity
Ketubot March 10, 2015 Incestuous Rapists Get What They Deserve
Ketubot March 17, 2015 Talmudic Rabbis Debated the Cost of Rape—In Terms of the Woman’s Market Value
Ketubot March 24, 2015 When Jews Were Like ISIS
Ketubot March 31, 2015 Would a Jackal Take Better Care of Its Young?
Ketubot April 14, 2015 How Often Should Jewish Couples Have Sex
Ketubot April 21, 2015 Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, They Go Together Like …
Ketubot April 28, 2015 Jewish Bride Has a Mole? Grounds for Divorce. Husband Smells Bad? Live With It.
Ketubot May 5, 2015 Divorce Court: Talmud
Ketubot May 12, 2015 Marriage: a Math Problem
Ketubot May 19, 2015 For Jewish Widows, Like Modern Drug Offenders, Just How Much Matters
Nedarim June 2, 2015 If Victorious, I Vow To Sacrifice My Daughter—Wait, No! I Didn’t Mean That! Uh-Oh.
Nedarim June 10 2015 Why Taking Vows is a Wicket Act
Nedarim June 16, 2015 Sex: Sin, Obligation, or Pursuit of Pleasure?
Nedarim June 23, 2015 ‘The Law of the Kingdom Is the Law’
Nedarim June 30, 2015 The Talmud as Fossil Record of Ancient, Everyday Jewish Life and Idioms
Nedarim July 7, 2015 Is It Fair To Charge Fees for Religious Education?
Nedarim July 14, 2015 What’s Mine Is Mine and What’s Yours Is Mine, Too
Nedarim July 21, 2015 The Talmud as a Jewish ‘Canterbury Tales’ of Earthy, Ribald Moral Inquiry
Nedarim July 28, 2015 Do Torah Scholars Have the Right Not To Be Drafted by the Government?
Nedarim August 4, 2015 The Talmud’s Guide to Jewish Feminine Beauty
Nedarim August 11, 2015 The Jewish Legal Basis for Male Dominion Over Vows by Women? It’s in the Bible.
Nazir September 1, 2015 Tracing the Way of the Nazirites
Nazir September 9, 2015 Do Cows Speak? And Other Problems of the Nazirite Vow
Nazir September 22, 2015 Why in Jewish Law Good Can Be Evil and Evil Good
Nazir October 13, 2015 When Making a Vow Consider Where You Stand
Nazir October 20, 2015 Decomposing Bodies, Congealing Carcasses, Handfuls of Corpse Dust, and Other Interests of the Rabbis
Nazir October 27, 2015 The Talmudury Tales
Sota November 3, 2015 A Magical Potion Reveals and Humiliates Sexually Unfaithful Women—and Shows Talmudic Rabbis Declaring One of Their Own Rituals Obsolete
Sota November 18, 2015 The Talmud’s Deep Misogyny: No Women Allowed
Sota December 1, 2015 Does the Talmud Condone Bestiality?
Sota December 8, 2015 What Language Do the Angels Speak?
Sota December 15, 2015 Your Bubbe Was Not More Jewish Than You Are
Gittin January 5, 2016 Talmud: God Studies Torah, Too
Gittin January 12, 2016 Talmudic Semiotics: I Write Your Name
Gittin January 25, 2016 Is ‘Tikkun Olam’ for the Betterment of the World, or Just for the Betterment of Divorce?
Gittin February 2, 2016 Talmud: We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists
Gittin February 9, 2016 Finders Keepers, Inferior Land for Wedded Bliss, and Other Property Matters
Gittin February 23, 2016 The Talmud’s Demonology Resembles the Schlocky Inventiveness of ‘Dune’ or ‘The Lord of the Rings’
Gittin March 1, 2016 The Finer Points of Talmudic Contract Law Contain Technicalities that Put Modern Legalese to Shame
Gittin March 8, 2016 The Talmud’s Inhumane View of Women Puts Unhappy Wives in Impossible Positions
Gittin March 15, 2016 Divorce Court
Kiddushin March 22, 2016 On the Acquisition of Women
Kiddushin March 29, 2016 By Talmudic law, Jewish Men Purchase Brides as They Would a Slave or a Piece of Real Estate
Kiddushin April 12, 2016 Honor Thy Mother and Father
Kiddushin April 19, 2016 Men: Thank God We Are Not Women!
Kiddushin April 26, 2016 Crime and Punishment and Punishment and Punishment
Kiddushin May 10, 2016 The True Pleasure of the Talmud Is Its Intellectual Gamesmanship
Kiddushin May 17, 2016 Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, Go Together Like a—
Kiddushin June 1 2016 Know Your Place
Kiddushin June 7, 2016 My Son the Doctor Has Chosen the Wrong Profession 
Kiddushin June 21, 2016 Toward a Taxonomy of Damage
Kiddushin June 28, 2016 The Shock of Recognition 
Bava Kamma July 12, 2016 One Law for Jews Another One for Gentiles
Bava Kamma July 19, 2016 Tied Up in Knots Over a Goring Ox
Bava Kamma July 26, 2016 Burden of Proof
Bava Kamma August 2, 2016 Law Vs. Lore
Bava Kamma August 9, 2016 An Ox, a Donkey, a Sheep, and a Garment Walk Into a Bar…
Bava Kamma August 30, 2016 Is ‘An Eye for an Eye’ Really an Eye for an Eye?
Bava Kamma September 13, 2016 Thievery Corporation
Bava Kamma September 20, 2016 Smoothing the Path to a Sinner’s Repentance
Bava Kamma September 27, 2016 Jew Vs. Non-Jew Vs. Jew
Bava Metzia October 11, 2016 I Swear
Bava Metzia November 1, 2016 Lost and Found
Bava Metzia November 8, 2016 Need a Reason to Hope This Campaign Season? Try the Timeless Talmud.
Bava Metzia November 15, 2016 The Coin of the Realm
Bava Metzia November 29, 2016 Not in Heaven
Bava Metzia December 13, 2016 Why the Talmud Allows Jews to Profit Off Gentiles
Bava Metzia January 10, 2017 The Talmud as Epic
Bava Metzia January 24, 2017 What the Rich Owe the Poor
Bava Batra January 31, 2017 What the Talmud Says About Trump’s Border Wall, Paid For by Mexico
Bava Batra February 7, 2017 Who Wrote the Torah?
Bava Batra February 14, 2017 Talmud to Betsy DeVos: Yes, We Need Public Schools
Bava Batra February 28, 2017 If You'll Buy That, the Rabbi'll Throw the Golden Gate in Free
Bava Batra March 7, 2017 Daf Yomi: ‘Whoever Is Stronger Prevails’
Bava Batra March 14, 2017 Does the Talmud Legalize Squatting?
Bava Batra March 21, 2017 The Law of the Kingdom, or the Law of the Jews?
Bava Batra March 28 2017 Why Jews are Forbidden to Be Happy
Bava Batra April 4, 2017 The Art of the Deal
Bava Batra April 25, 2017 When You Buy a Cow (or a Boat) What Do You Get From the Seller? When Is It Yours? And What Really Is a Cow Anyway?
Bava Batra May 2, 2017 Caveat Emptor
Bava Batra May 9, 2017 Terms of Service
Bava Batra May 16, 2017 Taking a 'Sharp Knife' to the Talmud
Bava Batra May 23, 2017 The Talmud’s Hot Tub Time Machine
Bava Batra June 6, 2017 The Inheritance 
Bava Batra June 13, 2017 An Old Jew Is on His Deathbed, and Says to His Son…
Bava Batra June 20, 2017 How a Cucumber Decides Whether a Son Inherits Over a Donkey
Bava Batra June 27, 2017 What Happens When a Dying Man Doesn't Die
Bava Batra July 11, 2017 The Art of Forgery
Bava Batra July 18, 2017 Follow the Money
Bava Batra July 25, 2017 Reading the Torah Against the Grain
Sanhedrin August 8, 2017 Lest Ye be Judged
Sanhedrin August 22, 2017 Surprise, Discovery, Ritual, Meaning, and Wonder
Sanhedrin September 12, 2017 On Capital Punishment
Sanhedrin September 19, 2017 The Anti-Semite Can Cite Talmud for His Purpose
Sanhedrin September 26, 2017 False Idols
Sanhedrin October 3, 2017 Put to Death For Crimes Yet to be Committed 
Sanhedrin October 10, 2017 Are Jews Exempt from Capital Punishment?
Sanhedrin October 17, 2017 Rebellious Elders
Sanhedrin October 31, 2017 The Talmud and the Thought Police
Sanhedrin November 7, 2017 Peeking into the World to Come
Makkot November 14, 2017 On Bearing False Witness
Makkot November 21, 2017 Accident or Crime?
Makkot November 28, 2017 To Flog or Not to Flog
Shevuot December 12, 2017 The Order of Things
Shevuot December 19, 2017 The Letter of the Law
Shevuot January 9, 2018 Sworn Testimony
Shevuot January 16, 2018 In the Talmud, Size Matters 
Avodah Zarah January 23, 2018 The Talmud's Revenge Fantasies 
Avodah Zarah January 30, 2018 Thou Shalt Sell No White Rooster and Bow to No Idols
Avodah Zarah February 6, 2018 How Jews Should Deal with Gentiles
Avodah Zarah February 13, 2018 Immoral, Weak, Abusive, Untrustworthy, and Murderous
Avodah Zarah February 27, 2018 On the Perils of Assimilation
Avodah Zarah March 13, 2018 Statue of Limitations
Avodah Zarah March 20, 2018 Truth or Coincidences
Avodah Zarah March 27, 2018 Grapes of Math
Horayot April 10, 2018 Disobey
Horayot April 17, 2018 When a King Sins
Zevachim April 24, 2018 Slaughtered Offerings
Zevachim May 1, 2018 If A, then B
Zevachim May 8, 2018 On Priestly Perfection
Zevachim May 15, 2018 Blood of the Soul
Zevachim June 5, 2018 Myth and Meaning
Zevachim June 12, 2018 Mapping the Temple
Zevachim June 19, 2018 Archaeology Without Ruins
Zevachim June 26, 2018 Bird Sacrifice
Zevachim July 10, 2018 Suited to the Fire
Zevachim July 17, 2018 Cooking Time and Air Rights
Zevachim July 24, 2018 Dirty Laundry
Zevachim July 31, 2018 Who Gets to Eat Sacrificial Meat?
Zevachim August 7, 2018 In the Language of Men
Zevachim August 7, 2018 Six Years of Farts, Magic, and Misogyny
Menachot August 21, 2018 The Talmud as Rube Goldberg Machine of the Mind
Menachot August 28, 2018 On the One Hand
Menachot September 4, 2018 Salt Bae
Menachot September 18, 2018 Finding Meaning in Calligraphy 
Menachot October 9, 2018 Stings Attached
Menachot October 16, 2018 There's No Business Like Showbread Business
Menachot October 23, 2018 Flour Power
Menachot November 6, 2018 Oil Change
Menachot November 13, 2018 Vesselmania
Menachot November 20, 2018 The Showbread Must Go On
Menachot November 27, 2018 The Other Temples 
Hullin December 4, 2018 Slaughterhouse Shrive
Hullin December 18, 2018 Natural Causes
Hullin January 8, 2019 Cuts Like a Knife
Hullin January 15, 2019 Slaughtering With Intent
Hullin February 8, 2019 Better Treyf Than Sorry
Hullin February 15, 2019 Womb Raider
Hullin March 8, 2019 Offspring Fever
Hullin March 22, 2019 Kosher Overreach
Hullin April 4, 2019 Impure Thoughts
Hullin April 21, 2019 Nesting Habits
Bekhorot May 10, 2019 Blood and Milk
Bekhorot May 24, 2019 When Does Human Life Begin?
Bekhorot May 31, 2019 Shalom Chaver!
Bekhorot June 14, 2019 The Price of a Firstborn
Arakhin July 5, 2019 How Much is a Jewish Life Worth?
Arakhin July 12, 2019 Neither Less Than X nor More Than Y
Arakhin July 26, 2019 Your Weight in Onions
Temura August 9, 2019 The Rules of the Swamp
Temura August 23, 2019 If a Man Gives a Woman a Lamb in Exchange for Sex
Karetot September 13, 2019 Captive Among the Gentiles
Me’ila September 27, 2019 Sacrificial Ram
Me’ila October 11, 2019 Ends with Benefits
Me’ila October 24, 2019 The Birds
Nidda November 8, 2019 Menstrual Camps
Nidda November 21, 2019 Emission Standards
Nidda December 6, 2020 Birth Control
Nidda December 20, 2019 Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
Nidda January 2, 2020 Best Food Forward- Unorthodox Episode
Siyum! January 10, 2020 Did ‘Daf Yomi’ Make Me a Better Jew?

Adam Kirsch is a poet and literary critic, whose books include The People and the Books: 18 Classics of Jewish Literature.