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Fasting, reflecting, and a series of sorries—all our Yom Kippur coverage

Tablet Magazine
September 25, 2009
(Marjorie Ingall)

Ritual and Observance:

God and Uman: Joining the Breslovers—and my cousin—for Rosh Hashanah in Ukraine, by Marc Caplan

Shoes You Can Use: What to wear on Yom Kippur, when leather is banned, by Allison Hoffman

The Festive Meal: When Yom Kippur was a time to eat, drink, and be merry, by Eddy Portnoy

Pardon Me: My childhood bullying, and an attempt to atone for it , by David Rakoff

Dark Night: How technology killed the silent, empty Israeli Yom Kippur experience, by Liel Leibovitz

Yom Kippur: A Guide for the Perplexed: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Day of Atonement, by The Editors


Happy New Year: Advice from rabbis and a nutritionist on what to eat when you won’t be eating, by Marc Tracy


Melancholy Melody: Kol Nidre gets me every time, by Alexander Gelfand


How To Atone Like a Child: On Yom Kippur, kids will be kids, by Marjorie Ingall

Daily Sorries:

And don’t forget our Rosh Hashanah roundup.

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