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Our Candles, Ourselves

Tablet Magazine’s picks for this year’s most enlightening Hanukkah menorahs

Hadara Graubart
December 15, 2009

Some people like their hanukkiahs, the nine-branched menorah used at Hanukkah, to serve as a stately and elegant backdrop for reflecting on the glowing lights, miracles, and how long the smell of fried latkes will stay in the curtains. Others prefer a funkier hanukkiah that expresses something about them—the candles serve as a spotlight to highlight their unique taste. When it comes to menorahs for kids, you can pretty much find one for every preference, from the generic (sports or ballerinas), to the branded (“Harry Potter”, Disney), to the bizarre. As we hit Hanukkah’s halfway point, the ritual of candle lighting risks becoming routine. Here are some offbeat favorite hanukkiahs, plus a few that leave us scratching our heads, to keep the holiday vibrant.

Hadara Graubart was formerly a writer and editor for Tablet Magazine.