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If You Know Marketing, Tablet Is Looking for You

Apply now to be the new cheerleader-in-chief for our podcasts

The Editors
August 04, 2021

Tablet Magazine is looking to hire a cheerleader-in-chief to oversee all matters of marketing, public relations, and audience development for our podcasts. You will work closely with editors, writers, and hosts to help grow our fan base, strike up partnerships with like-minded organizations, and nurture the Tablet podcasting brand through creative and impactful public relations and social media campaigns.

The job would be part-time, with the possibility of full-time consideration in 2022.

Job responsibilities:

· Work closely with our creative director to design and implement marketing, PR, and social media campaigns to promote both individual shows and the Tablet podcasting brand at large

· Identify and reach out to relevant institutional partners to create programs and opportunities for collaboration

· Develop and implement playbook to launch each of Tablet’s upcoming new shows and seasons

· Orchestrate public relations campaigns to grow awareness to existing shows and talent

· Design and implement social media strategies to increase audience engagement with our existing shows

· Oversee audience feedback channels

· Conceive of audience development related content strategies for our suite of offerings

Job requirements:

· A deep, abiding passion for Tablet and its sensibilities

· A keen interest in podcasting

· A good working knowledge of media relations, pitching reporters, etc.

· A serviceable understanding of the Jewish communal landscape

· A bottomless hunger to connect with people, tell stories, and help grow a team you love.

Interested? Email [email protected] with a resume and cover letter, and choose one episode of Unorthodox that you like and tell us how you’d grow the audience for it.

From the editors of Tablet Magazine.