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Daybreak: Palestinian UN Statehood Bid Redux

Plus hazing in the IDF and detention centers for African refugees

Adam Chandler
August 03, 2012
(Hillary and Huma, AP)
(Hillary and Huma, AP)

• The Palestinian Authority is reportedly gearing up to appeal to the United Nations for statehood again, a divisive symbolic gesture that will inevitably be vetoed. [INN]

• Haaretz is reporting that a detention compound being built in the south of Israel for African immigrants will be able to hold 30,000 people instead of 12,400, the original number the Interior Ministry cited. [Haaretz]

• The IDF suspended eight soldiers in the Kfir Brigade on suspicion of hazing after a young recruit was hospitalized. [Times of Israel]

• In the aftermath of the scandal in which Representative Michele Bachmann accused Huma Abedin–Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff at the State Department and wife to Anthony Weiner–of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a report by The Forward studies the underrepresentation of Muslim Americans in the U.S. government. [The Forward]

• Randy Lerner has sold the Cleveland Browns, bringing the total number of Jewish-owned NFL teams to 9.5 or 10.5, according to sports oracle Marc Tracy. [JTA]

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