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A Podcaster Extraordinaire

Congratulating the ASME winner

Julie Subrin
March 30, 2011
(American Society of Magazine Editors)
(American Society of Magazine Editors)

While it was an honor for Vox Tablet to be nominated for the National Magazine Award for Podcasting one year after winning, we did not repeat. The good news is, the honor went to Poetry, and, by extension, to Curtis Fox, podcast producer extraordinaire. Trained in public radio, Fox was an early adapter to the whole podcast phenomenon. In fact, it was he whom Tablet Magazine’s predecessor,, brought on back in 2005 to create the podcast now known as Vox Tablet. And the shout-outs don’t stop there: The person who hired Fox,’s then editor-in-chief, Blake Eskin, is now Web editor for The New Yorker—another one of this year’s excellent nominees for Podcasting.

In the manner of Margo True and Joe Posnanski, two bloggers who were up for the Blogging award and graciously congratulated The Scroll on its win, here are links to some of Fox’s winning podcasts and some of Eskin’s runner-up entries. While they are quite different in subject matter, they have in common excellence in production values, and a delightful, playful intelligence on the part of the hosts. Enjoy! I did.

Julie Subrin is Tablet Magazine’s executive producer for audio.