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A Very Jewcy Summer

Introducing a special Scroll residency from our hip sister site

Gabriela Geselowitz
July 06, 2017

The same way your parents carted you off as a kid to Ramah or Habonim Dror or wherever so they could take a vacation without you, Jewcy is doing its own sort of summer camp (minus the bad food and regrettable hookups): a residency right here at Tablet.

Many of you may already be reading Jewcy, or our weekly “Juice on Jewcy” recap posts here on the Scroll. But if you don’t know Tablet’s little sister site, you’re in for a real treat.

From pop cultural news, to personal essays, to weird Jewish tidbits we needed to share, Jewcy is a good place to go for a fresh perspective on belonging to the Tribe. If I were to sum up the website with one post, it would be the one where we found out that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a hot grandson. Of course, you can always peruse our archive on, as well as see previews of our new summer content there. But for this month and next, the Scroll will be hosting all of our posts, about one per weekday. The same weird, cultural content you know you love, the same place you get your daily news.

In short, think of us as your cool glass of summer lemonade: kind of sweet, a little bit sour, but most importantly, very jewcy.

(No, sorry, the name is over a decade old, and we can’t change it now.)

Happy summer!

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