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Alt-Right Publication Accuses Jews of Attempting to Indoctrinate America’s Young Via Subversive Children’s Books

They’re on to you, Judy Blume!

Marjorie Ingall
February 02, 2018

Sadly, a friend of mine from my San Francisco days has increasingly turned to that familiar place where anti-Israel and anti-Semitic feelings congeal like a noxious jellied meat salad. He’s now a reader of The Unz Review, an online publication created by Ron Unz, former publisher of The American Conservative and author of the self-published Myth of American Meritocracy. Last week, I learned via The Unz Review that we Jews are attempting to indoctrinate American children into our filthy ways via picture books.

Unz, a software millionaire and Bernie Sanders supporter, has fought bilingual education, funded white supremacist and anti-gay research, and led a failed election campaign for the Harvard Board of Overseers based on the notion that too many unqualified minorities are being admitted to that once-illustrious institution. He feels that Harvard (our mutual alma mater! Go Crimson!) needs more transparency in its admissions process, which allows in too many Jews, African-Americans, and Latinos at the expense of white people and Asian-Americans who are more deserving. Much of the blame for this, Unz notes in The Myth of American Meritocracy, lies with Jewish admissions officers. Because of course it does.

Unz says he is not anti-Semitic, because he is Jewish. (I wonder if he knows Stephen Miller.) He also says that he doesn’t necessarily believe that his own publication, often quoted by David Duke, is a reflection of his personal views. As he told the Boston Globe, ”I most certainly do NOT stand behind everything said or written by everyone with whom I’m friendly, whose writings I publish, or even who have been the recipient of my financial support over the years.”

Anyway, last month The Unz Review published a piece called “Jewish Leftist Activism in Children’s Fiction” by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. Joyce is a frequent contributor to the white-supremacist journal The Occidental Quarterly, author of the forthcoming Talmud and Taboo: Essays on the Jewish Question–he’s super-into talking about the Jewish Question! and Jewish usury! and the Jewish takeover of academe!–and guest star on on David Duke’s radio show. I have been unable to determine where his Ph.D. is from. I also just ended a sentence with a preposition, so maybe Jews aren’t so clever after all, huh Andy?

In his piece about children’s literature, Joyce points out that the American Library Association’s list of the top 100 Banned/Challenged books disproportionately features Jewish authors. No one is sure how many American Jews there really are (“Jews are notoriously shy of the census,” Joyce notes) but whether it’s two percent of the population, as the Pew Research Center says, or five percent of the population, as Joyce suggests and we’re hiding in plain sight like dark necrosis-causing venomous cantil vipers with white-tipped tails that resemble worms to lure unsuspecting prey, we should statistically have produced no more than ten of the 100 most-often banned books.

BUT NO. Jews wrote 22 books on that list! (Technically, 17 Jews wrote 22 books, because STOP SHOWING OFF, JUDY BLUME.) Since Joyce had earlier reported on “Jewish manipulation” being largely responsible for “demand for ‘diverse books’ in the school system,” he had a sudden revelation. “[I]t occurred to me that children’s literature is an important, but sometimes neglected, front in the cultural conflict we see played out daily.” You guys, we agreed not to let the goyim know about this! Just like we were supposed to keep them in the dark about the trash cans in the kitchen!

Joyce points out that Jews’ “radical activism in the cultural sphere” aims to “weaken structures of the host society.” (I personally enjoy being compared to a parasite, because it makes me think of those cute birds that groom hippos, but I digress.) Jews want to undermine the existing order, which is why “several of the Jewish writers under consideration here are homosexuals, radical socialists, and feminists.” Now, there are certain Orthodox Jews, Joyce notes, who’d argue that such people aren’t “true Jews,” but Joyce notes that because several of the children’s book writers on the list have discussed their embrace of Jewish identity, the ‘common apologetic from ‘Jews on the Right’…that such figures are anathema” is wrongheaded. (But you go on cuddling up to nationalist hatemongers, “Jews on the Right.” They’ll never turn on you.)

Joyce notes that the author of Heather Has Two Mommies is a lesbian Jew–and if you think that lesbianism is “incompatible with a group evolutionary strategy” because lesbians “have personally forfeited reproduction” (shh, no one tell him about lesbian moms), you are WRONG, because some crafty lesbians are still working on “aggressive ‘educational’ treatment at an early age,” which is “seen as the surest remedy for the perceived ills of an ‘intolerant society.’” And just as you don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s, you don’t have to be a lesbian to inject these treatments (toxins) into White culture. Some of the Jewish authors on the list are inexplicably not homosexuals, but still, children’s books are “an obvious conduit through which Jews could advance ideas or encourage behaviors likely to benefit Jewish interests.” Such interests include “multiculturalism, sexology, Boasian anthropology, psychoanalysis, and the theories of the Frankfurt School,” and I don’t know what two of those things are but I’m sure I’m involved in them. Clearly children’s books written by Jews “would revolve around notions of ethnic and sexual pluralism, and the critique and deconstruction of traditional family structure in Whites.” Do you require proof? One of the authors on the list, the late Maurice Sendak, made a deliberate disparaging Hitler reference in In The Night Kitchen (he admitted it! Joyce has a citation!). Further, Sendak’s illustrations do not depict pretty Anglo-Saxon children. They are “stout and gnomish,” “dark, with stumpy figures,” and Sendak himself called them a mix of Brooklyn and the shtetl. Q.E.D.

And then there is Judy Blume (“born Judith Sussman”), the overachiever on the list except for a period of five years in which “fellow Jew Alvin Schwartz” was more often banned and challenged. (Joyce quickly bustles past Schwartz’s oeuvre, since his Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books are hard to call super-Jewish–they’re just “violent” and “inappropriate for the age group he claimed to write them for.”) But Judy! Her work teems with “compulsive masturbation, teenage pregnancy, attempted suicide, homosexuality, and talk of sexually transmitted diseases!” Worst of all, Blume has describes herself thusly: “Culturally and spiritually, I’m a Jewish girl from New Jersey.” There you go.

In sum, Joyce concludes, Jewish children’s book authors desire nothing less than “the indoctrination of our children.” He warns, “We are now not far from a time when healthy tales of White children engaging in adventure will be deemed reactionary because of their potential to instill pride, or dangerous because they aren’t tolerant enough of the proliferating motley of sexual and racial minorities that now intrude into all aspects of culture.” He challenges his fellow soldiers in “this culture war” to focus on “developing a new literature, and stamping out the poisonous one that lies before us.” I almost hesitate to point him toward my 2015 piece in Tablet, “Where are the Jews on the Banned Books List?” which notes that in recent years Jewish children’s book authors have been falling down on the getting-banned job. Fellow yehudim, we can’t keep depending on David Levithan. Step it up if you want to prove Joyce right.

Marjorie Ingall is a former columnist for Tablet, the author of Mamaleh Knows Best, and a frequent contributor to the New York Times Book Review.

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