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Another Video From Israel

This one of sober, reasonable people

Allison Hoffman
June 12, 2009

A week after revealing the extremely stupid things drunk American Jewish kids in Israel are willing to say in front of a rolling video camera, intrepid reporter Max Blumenthal ventured out to an anti-settlement rally in Tel Aviv sponsored by the left-wing political party Hadash. Unsurprisingly, the sober Israelis he interviews say quite reasonable things. “I think Obama has—I felt it was like the Gettysburg Address, really,” one man said of last week’s Presidential address in Cairo.

Meanwhile, over on 50 Cent’s web site, This Is 50, commenters continued to prove how dumb people can be. Tablet contributing editor Jeff Goldberg helpfully culled through responses to Blumenthal’s first video he found there, finding plenty of f-bombs. But one person noted, “Man, that whole nation needs therapy and counseling.” And another, a rapper posting under the name Save our Souls, posted some lyrics:

Fuck an AIPAC, Israel got the states jacked/
probably label me a terrorist because I say that/
September 11th?, oh yea, you know they staged that/
with the CIA, same place Bin Laden’s payed at.

Allison Hoffman is a senior editor at Tablet Magazine. Her Twitter feed is @allisont_dc.