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Anti-Semitic Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco rapped about ‘dirty Jewish execs’ in a new song. Then a wave of fans and detractors, including the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt, called him out for the lyrics.

Jonathan Zalman
December 14, 2016
Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Sonos
Lupe Fiasco performing in Los Angeles, California, September 10, 2014. Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Sonos
Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Sonos
Lupe Fiasco performing in Los Angeles, California, September 10, 2014. Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Sonos

On Tuesday rapper Lupe Fiasco dropped the following track. Pay attention to the 1:08 mark, in which he says the anti-Semitic verse: Artists gettin’ robbed for their publishing / By dirty Jewish execs who think that it’s alms from the covenant.

SoundCloud initially took the song down. Responses to the anti-Semitic lyrics poured in (here’s one from a fan with a Palestinian roommates), then he apparently called it quits.

I get the hint God.

Yo Lupe fans it’s been fun and I hope you’ve had fun.

I’m officially not releasing anymore music.

Albums cancelled

— peace (@LupeFiasco) December 13, 2016

ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt called the lyrics “offensive,” adding that they “reinforce the anti-Semitic myth of Jewish control of the music industry, a stereotype that has been exploited in recent years by well-known hatemongers. It is irresponsible for a recording artist to perpetuate the hateful anti-Semitic stereotype of the ‘greedy Jew.’ ”

Then, Greenblatt and Lupe Fiasco got into it. Here’s the rapper, whose Twitter user name is “@peace,” defending himself:

I didn’t called them dirty becuz they were Jewish I called them dirty becuz their horrible fucking human beings @JGreenblattADL

— peace (@LupeFiasco) December 14, 2016

Hahahahahah….you’re fucking crazy and you’re lost if you think I’m marginalizing Jewish music executives. That’s profound disconnect.

— peace (@LupeFiasco) December 14, 2016

This is what happens at a Lupe Fiasco, Concert Columbia University NYC… fuck are you talking about??? Photoshopped right? @JGreenblattADL

— peace (@LupeFiasco) December 14, 2016

This is what Lupe Fiasco merchandise looks like…#DeathToRacism #NeverAgain…the fuck are you talking about????@JGreenblattADL

— peace (@LupeFiasco) December 14, 2016

I made one with Noam on it too. hes from the Tribe too right? Oh that’s right y’all consider him an anti-Semite too right?? @JGreenblattADL

— peace (@LupeFiasco) December 14, 2016

How about this guy @JGreenblattADL ??? Howard Zinn. You know one of my mentors and intellectual resources. He just Semi-Semite tho right?

And it goes on from there.

Jonathan Zalman, a staff editor, runs The Scroll, Tablet’s news blog.

I’m Muslim & Black you signing up to get registered with us when they round us up ain’t the solution to the PROBLEM homey @JGreenblattADL

— peace (@LupeFiasco) December 14, 2016

Jonathan Zalman is a writer and teacher based in Brooklyn.

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