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Banned in the P.R.C.

What is China’s beef with Tablet Magazine?

Marc Tracy
April 06, 2011
The Great Wall of China.(Wikipedia)

The Great Wall of China.(Wikipedia)

So according to at least one reader, Tablet Magazine is blocked in China. (Can anybody verify this?) The staff was pondering which articles may have led to our finding ourselves on the wrong side of the Great Firewall. A few thoughts:

A Shul for Shanghai (actually about China)
A Very Special Message (about eating Chinese food on Christmas, with guest star David Mamet)
Cold Case (about the Rosenbergs)
Converting China (about China’s veto power)
Ebb and Flow (actually about China)
Jewish Christmas (about eating Chinese food on Christmas)
Kosher Chinese (actually about China)
Monumental Embrace (about Berlin’s memorial to murdered homosexuals)
Support Systems (about bras)
• Finally, I fear my post arguing that all hamantashen without poppy seeds aren’t really hamantashen may have crossed a line.

Does anyone else have any ideas as to what may have tripped their wires?

Meanwhile, if they’re going to block us anyway, expect forthcoming posts on Falun Gong, Taiwan, and Tiananmen Square. Don’t make us become a daily magazine of Tibetan life and culture for a day.

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.