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Bar Mitzvah Video of the Day

Today we travel from Atlanta to Brazil to celebrate Nissim’s big moment

Adam Chandler
February 20, 2013
Nissim Ourfali Atop a Killer Whale.(Screenshot)
Nissim Ourfali Atop a Killer Whale.(Screenshot)

Yesterday, we looked at perhaps the most elaborate bar mitzvah save the date in the history of the internet. It features a bar mitzvah boy to be named Daniel, rapping his way through Atlanta and into manhood with the approval of some pretty impressive celebrities.

Today, I figured we’d trek south a little bit to South America and check in with Nissim Ourfali, whose wild bar mitzvah video (h/t Elissa Goldstein) actually went viral last year. What it lacks in production value, it more than makes up for in earnestness and heart. Nissim appears like we all did when we were thirteen (albeit probably much less tan)–a little awkward, a little unsure, but excited about our big day.

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