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Bob Dylan Will Receive His Nobel Prize After All, Just in Private

The 75-year-old crooner will give a pair of concerts in Stockholm this weekend and meet with the Swedish academy behind closed doors

Jonathan Zalman
March 29, 2017

In December, at a ceremony in Sweden, Patti Smith accepted Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature on behalf of the crooner who compared the likelihood of the recognition to having “the same odds as standing on the moon.” Now, even though he skipped the awards banquet months ago, Dylan will in fact formally receive his medal and diploma, the academy announced, when he travels to Stockholm to give a couple concerts this weekend. No media will be allowed.

With the news, the Dylan Nobel saga seems to be wrapping up into a neat bow after all, although The New York Times reports that “some uncertainty still remains.”

Nobel laureates, who are awarded 8 million Swedish krona, or about $900,000, are required to give a lecture on their subject within six months of the prize ceremony, which was held on Dec. 10. Mr. Dylan will not deliver his this weekend. His deadline is in June.

Jonathan Zalman is a writer and teacher based in Brooklyn.