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Borat Calls for Boycott of Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Film on ‘Kimmel’

Promotion at its perverted best

Hannah Vaitsblit
December 11, 2015

“Who doesn’t love Hanukkah?” asked Jimmy Kimmel on his show Wednesday night.

“I don’t,” answered a familiar voice out of nowhere, as Sascha Baron Cohen—in full Borat Sagdiyev costume—disco danced toward the uncomfortable-looking host—offering him a kiss on the cheek (and other body parts).

During the segment, Borat, of “Throw the Jew Down the Well” fame, explained his interruption: “It uh only safe for me to come on during eh festival of Hanukkah, because the Jews are at home counting their chocolate monies.” (He manages a perfect pronunciation of “Hanukkah” in the voiceless uvular fricative, mind you).

Borat was kind of appropriating Kimmel’s holiday special to “make warning to U, S, and A” about the release of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new “movie-film.” Please “bewares” as Borat warns, below are “propaganda footages” of the new “disgusting movie-film” by Cohen, entitled The Brothers Grimsby. It hits theaters on March 11. (I can guarantee my entire family will be there on opening night)

Borat also offered a revelation about Donald Trump on Kimmel. No luck for those of us convinced that Trump is an agent of Hillary Clinton, because Borat disclosed that Trump is actually just another among Baron Cohen’s numerous “very, very offensive” characters. This isn’t (the real) Baron Cohen’s first foray into politics—he’s got quite a history with Republicans, namely with former congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), so I guess it was just a matter of time until he hit up Trump. Maybe while he’s at it, he can teach Ben Carson the difference between Hamas and hummus?

Hannah Vaitsblit is an intern at Tablet.