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Breaking: Kosher Supermarket in France Attacked

Link to recently published Muhammad cartoons remains unclear

Adam Chandler
September 19, 2012
Police Cordon Off Bombing Site(AFP/Getty)
Police Cordon Off Bombing Site(AFP/Getty)

There is word coming over the transom about an attack on a kosher supermarket in the suburbs of Paris today. Reports conflict over whether it was a Molotov cocktail, a package, or a grenade, but the gist of the story is that at around noon today, two men dressed in black approached Naouri, the kosher grocery store in Sarcelles, known by some as “Little Jerusalem,” and set off an explosion that injured at least one person and caused a few other shoppers to suffer panic attacks.

“Many people go to the store at this time of year to stock up for Yom Kippur next week,” Moshe Cohen-Sabban, President of the Jewish communities of Val D’Oise noted in an interview.

The attack comes in the wake of a controversy centering around Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French magazine, which recently published a series of cartoons featuring the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

We’ll keep you posted as details emerge.

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