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Japan Animal Cat DayMartin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images
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We Celebrate the Cat

Every dog has its day, but on International Cat Day we are thankful for the feline

Elazar Abrahams
August 08, 2018
Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images
Japan Animal Cat DayMartin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

Every dog has its day, but today, boys and girls, lovers and fighters, learners and seekers, is a very special day.

Happy International Cat Day! Here at Tablet, furry felines have a special place in our hearts. If you listen to our podcast Unorthodox, you’re already familiar with host Stephanie Butnick’s obsession with her own. Throughout the years, we’ve covered some fun and unique stories about kittens.

It’s staggering, really, how much cat-centric content can tie into our Jewishness. Are Jews a dog people or a cat people? Can I feed my cat bread on Passover? How can I apologize to my cat on Yom Kippur? All these questions have been pondered and answers proffered for your convenience.

A particularly great piece by Courtenay Edelhart examined how caring for her pet kittens prepared her for parenthood, as well as coping with loss.

We also analyzed how Maimonides illuminates the great Hello Kitty controversy of 2014. Loyal readers even named a staffer’s cat. (RIP Slinky.)

Of course, a post about cats isn’t complete without acknowledging their massive internet presence. In the past, Tablet has gone inside the world of cat blogs and a Haggadah filled with cat memes. Let’s not forget our attempt to go viral with the aptly named ChallahCat.

Chag sameach to those who observe!

Elazar Abrahams is a former intern at Tablet, and will attend Yeshiva University after a gap year at Netiv Aryeh in Jerusalem.

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