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Classic Hasidic Jam Steals the Catwalk at Tel Aviv’s Fashion Week

Mordechai Ben David’s “Maaminim” closed out Tovale+’s show and it was fantastic

Hannah Vaitsblit
October 22, 2015

Think fashion and Hasidic music don’t mix? Think again. On Monday, Tel Aviv’s Fashion Week, which finished on Wednesday, featured an unforgettable hit: “Maaminim,” the all time bar-mitzvah favorite from Mordechai Ben David aka MBD aka Mordechai Werdyger aka the American Hasidic “King of Jewish Music.”

After several sets of classical music that were a snooze (to make you focus on the clothes, I guess?) Ben David’s classic blasted as part of the final leg of mother-daughter design duo Tovale+’s show. The featured models, gowned in slinky sequins and stylish sass, danced along to the Ultra-Orthodox tune like nobody’s business. No wonder Tovale, the matriarch of the brand, is known as the designer who “fills the Israeli fashion world with color and a sense of humor.”

Hannah Vaitsblit is an intern at Tablet.

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