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Cuckolded Husband of Madoff Mistress Speaks

Though we wish he wouldn’t

Allison Hoffman
September 02, 2009

Just when you didn’t think the sideshow surrounding Sheryl Weinstein—the former Hadassah CFO who outed herself in a memoir as Bernie Madoff’s ex-mistress—could get any ickier, it does. This morning the Daily Beast published an interview with Weinstein’s cuckolded husband, Ron, in which he reveals that he hasn’t read Madoff’s Other Secret—that’s too painful—but nonetheless hopes it does well, because he’d like his share of the money. “Half the profits are mine,” he told Tracy Quan, author of several Diary of a Call Girl books. Weinstein defended his wife of 37 years against bloggers and commenters who have been calling her a “money-hungry slut” but acknowledged that while he wasn’t too fussed about the 18-month dalliance (which happened at a time when he was suffering from undiagnosed ADHD, he explained), he wasn’t too thrilled about Sheryl going public, particularly with details about Madoff’s small member. “I dislike the choice she made. I am not okay with it, but I try to understand it,” Weinstein said, adding that his wife had told him “that if I wanted, I could write my own.” Fair enough, but, you know, we wouldn’t.

Allison Hoffman is a senior editor at Tablet Magazine. Her Twitter feed is @allisont_dc.