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David Gregory Is a Law-Breaking Monster

The ‘Meet The Press’ host reportedly breaks DC law on the air

Adam Chandler
December 26, 2012
(NBC News)
(NBC News)

On Sunday morning, David Gregory interviewed Wayne LaPierre, the always reasonable head of the NRA, on the NBC show Meet The Press. Presumably, the two had planned to talk about what the country can do to prevent school shootings in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, but Gregory, from his lofty mainstream media perch in the host’s seat of the longest-running program in television history, instead used the opportunity to insult America and the ideals of law and order by brandishing what might have been illegal contraband on the set. Business Insider has the account:

Gregory held up a high-capacity magazine that carries 30 bullets. He asked if LaPierre would support reducing the limit on magazines to carrying five to 10 bullets instead of 30.

“Isn’t it just possible that we could reduce the carnage in a situation like Newtown?” Gregory said.

“I don’t believe that’s going to make one difference,” LaPierre responded.

“But this is a matter of logic, Mr. LaPierre,” Gregory said. “Because anybody watching this is going to say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. I just heard Mr. LaPierre say that we should try anything that might reduce the violence. And you’re telling me that it’s not a matter of common sense that if you don’t have an ability to shoot off 30 rounds without reloading, that, just possibly, you could reduce the loss of life?”

“I don’t buy your argument for a minute,” LaPierre said. “There are so many different ways he could’ve done it.”

Can you believe the hubris here? What an evasive tactic by Gregory! Here is LaPierre, submitting to a real conversation about gun laws, and right in front of him, Gregory appears to have willfully broken D.C. Official Code 7-2506.01, which prohibits the possession of “any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm.” What typical liberal flouting of laws and regulations! Does Gregory believe that because the District of Columbia isn’t a state, he has the right to ignore the very constituent fibers of states’ rights?

The hypocrisy doesn’t end there. The Weekly Standard also sagely pointed out that while Gregory himself lampooned LaPierre’s wise suggestion of hiring armed guards for every single school in America (citing their failures to stop both the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings), Gregory himself sends his children to an elite school that boasts both armed guards and secret service agents–for the president’s children who also attend the school.

Fortunately, a White House petition has been started to goad the powers that be into pressing full charges against Gregory. Let’s hope David Gregory goes swiftly to jail so we can stop being distracted from the real issues here.

Adam Chandler was previously a staff writer at Tablet. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, Slate, Esquire, New York, and elsewhere. He tweets @allmychandler.

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