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Daybreak: A Brooklyn Tragedy

Plus locusts descend upon Egypt

Adam Chandler
March 04, 2013
Philip Roth(AP)
Philip Roth(AP)

• Nachman and Raizi Glauber were on the way to the hospital to have their first baby when their cab was struck by another car in a hit-and-run incident, killing the two. The baby was delivered at the scene of the accident and survived for a day, but reportedly died earlier this morning. [Jewish Press]

• According to Arutz Sheva, the Egyptian region of Giza, just miles outside of Cairo, has suffered a major plague of locusts…you know…just in time for Passover. [INN]

• Ahead of Philip Roth’s 80th birthday, the City of Newark has launched a bus tour of Philip Roth’s neighborhood, which featured prominent in his life and novels. [NYT]

• Steven Spielberg will once again pick up the remains of a Stanley Kubrick project by creating a miniseries out of Kubrick’s old project about Napoleon. Spielberg previously collaborated with Kubrick on the film “Artificial Intelligence,” which was released after Kubrick’s death. [THR]

• A baby in Mississippi that was born with the AIDS virus two years ago was cured of the infection following sustained and aggressive drug treatment. This would mark the first time the disease has been cured by drugs. [WP]

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