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Daybreak: Hamas Fires Rockets at Israeli School

Plus Germany cooperated with Black September following Munich attack

Adam Chandler
August 27, 2012

• Hamas welcomed Israeli students back to their first day of school by firing rockets at a high school in the Negev. Israeli President Shimon Peres promised a response. [JPost]

Der Spiegel reported yesterday that Germany, in the years after the 1972 Olympics, had meetings and extensive contact with the Black September terrorist group that perpetrated the Munich massacre. [YNet]

• Congressional candidate and rabbi Shmuley Boteach spoke highly of his newest benefactor Sheldon Adelson this weekend, saying that Adelson “will bring democracy” to Boteach’s New Jersey district. [BuzzFeed]

• Adam Levick sees hypocrisy in The Guardian‘s firing of writer Joshua Treviño, who controversially tweeted about the IDF’s actions in the Turkish flotilla incident. [Times of Israel]

• Moriah, the one of two remaining Jewish day schools in New Zealand, is closing its doors at the end of year, citing low enrollment. [JTA]

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