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Daybreak: The Berlin Wall to Fall Twice?

Plus Barak says unilateral withdrawal from West Bank should be considered

Adam Chandler
March 05, 2013
East Side Gallery, Berlin.(Wikipedia)

East Side Gallery, Berlin.(Wikipedia)

• A bipartisan bill, which will be brought to congressional offices during a lobbying session for participants at AIPAC, has been drafted, proposing the naming of Israel as a “major strategy ally,” an honorific that’s never been bestowed upon a country by legislation. [JPost]

• Should peace negotiations fail, Ehud Barak—who withdrew from southern Lebanon with terrible consequences—says that Israel should consider withdrawing from the West Bank. [JTA]

• Protestors in Berlin have gathered in masses to protest the proposed destruction of a section of the Berlin Wall—known as the East Side Gallery—in order to build luxury condos. [NYT]

• The suspect in the hit-and-run killing of a Satmar couple and their unborn baby over the weekend previously served eight years in jail for manslaughter. [Forward]

• Actor Richard Kind from Curb Your Enthusiasm, who emceed the AIPAC gala last night, sought to find his nephew a job in the course of his AIPAC routine. Jewcy captured the moment. [Jewcy]

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