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Daybreak: Israeli Vote Splits Even

Plus more looks at the Israeli election

Adam Chandler
January 23, 2013
(Screengrab from Channel 2)
(Screengrab from Channel 2)

• The Israeli vote split exactly even between right-leaning and left-leaning blocs with both sets capturing 60 seats in the Knesset. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains, as they said, in the driver’s seat. [JTA]

• Happening now: Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in front of Congressional leaders this morning testifying about the September attack on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya. [NYT]

• Jeffrey Goldberg has twelve quick reactions to the Israeli election. (One of them is a Scroll shout out.) He also looks at what a Netanyahu-Bennett-Lapid coalition might do. [Atlantic]

• David Horovitz sizes up at the winners and the losers in the election and sees what simple voting tweaks might have made an enormous impact on the ultimate outcome. [Times of Israel]

• The Forward looks at boxer Yuri Foreman’s bold comeback following his loss to Miguel Cotta at Yankee Stadium. [Forward]

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