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Daybreak: Israelis Return Home from Bulgaria

Plus cooking with Cel-Ray soda

Adam Chandler
July 19, 2012

• C.J. Chivers explains how the Syrian rebels are using improvised bombs to even the playing field in Syria against Assad forces. [NYT]

• More details (including security footage) emerge on the suicide bomber who struck an Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria yesterday, killing seven and wounding 35. [Haaretz]

• Ruth Marcus opines on the splintering of Israeli society and the conscription law. [WP]

• Leah Koenig examines the Cel-Ray renaissance and drops a recipe for Gazpacho. [Forward]

• Mark Regev, Bibi’s spokesman, sent a letter to the BBC listing not listing a capital city for Israel on its 2012 Olympics website. [FB Page]

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