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Daybreak: Jewish Home Party Surges in Polls

Plus a yeshiva in Massachusetts fights to stay open

Adam Chandler
January 03, 2013
Representative Gary Ackerman(NYT)
Representative Gary Ackerman(NYT)

• A new poll–which should perhaps be taken with a few chunks of Dead Sea salt–shows that the right-wing Jewish Home party now looks to be tied for the second-largest party in the upcoming elections. [Times of Israel]

• Representative Gary Ackerman’s Les Miserables-themed retirement letter/opinion piece is a heart-warming and funny look back on his career and the modern blight of congressional discord. It’s definitely something. [NYT]

• The Yeshiva Academy in Worcester, Massachusetts is hoping to raise almost $500,000 before Friday before the building housing the academy is auctioned off by the IRS. [JTA]

• The Boston Globe takes a long look at the presence of Jewish culture through the history of Broadway musicals. [Boston Globe]

• Hollywood agent Jim Murray, who represented stars like Tony Bennett, George Burns, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, and Jerry Lewis, passed away last month at age 85. [THR]

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