Michael and Sally Oren (left)(Flickr)
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Daybreak: John Kerry to Visit Israel After All

Plus Ambassador Oren’s close link to the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane

Adam Chandler
February 21, 2013
Michael and Sally Oren (left)(Flickr)

• Reported as a snub or bus-throwing-under, Secretary of State John Kerry won’t be visiting Israel on his upcoming Mideast trip because Israel’s coalition is not yet set. He will, however, travel to Israel with President Obama two weeks later. [JTA]

• Sally Oren, wife of Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, spent part of the 60s hanging in San Francisco with the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and Jefferson Airplane, which wrote two songs about her. Jeffrey Goldberg has the report. [Atlantic]

• JTA writes about an Australia man accused of committing acts of sexual abuse at a Jewish day school, whose actions were allegedly not reported to police by the senior rabbis on staff. [JTA]

• An ancient liquor factory was found beneath the streets of Jaffa. The Byzantine-era facility is about 1,500 years old. [ToI]

• Purim scones? Are you for serious? Miriam Krule is for serious. Check out her poppy seed concoction on Jewcy’s “Not Your Bubbe’s Recipe” [Jewcy]

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