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Daybreak: Karate Kofi

Plus, Reform and Conservative rabbis scorned, and more in the news

Dan Klein
June 12, 2012

• Kofi Annan called on the world to “twist arms” to end the Syrian violence, and “raise the bar to another level”. [Times of Israel]

• The administration will not exempt Chinese companies from Iranian oil sanctions. [NYT]

• Israeli officials arrested another 73 African immigrants this morning. [JPost]

• The Haredi committee chair of a Knesset panel discussing state funding for Reform and Conservative rabbis opened the panel by saying that those rabbis “didn’t exist” and were “clowns.” He then threw out the head of Israel’s Reform movement. [Haaretz]

• An Iranian semiofficial news agency says that Iran is designing its first nuclear submarine. Reading between the lines, they’re trying to strengthen their hand at the negotiations table. [Haaretz]

• Israeli Activists are receiving ‘special visits’ from the police in advance of summer protests. [Haaretz]