Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.(Getty)
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Daybreak: Michael Oren Denies GOP Remark

Plus India’s Hitler store gets a new name

Adam Chandler
September 05, 2012
Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.(Getty)

• Following DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s remark that Israeli ambassador Michael Oren had blamed Republicans for making Israel a partisan issue, Oren ‘categorically denies’ making the comment. [JTA]

• The owner of the much-maligned Hitler clothing store in India has decided to change the name of the store following a flood of complaints. A new name hasn’t been reached, but the owner hopes for something as “powerful as the last one.” [NYT]

• According to a recent study, Israeli teenagers are the world’s third happiest and fifth angriest in the world. Sounds about right. [Times of Israel]

• California Democratic Party Chair John Burton has apologized for likening vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan to Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels following Ryan’s statements on Medicare. [NYMag]

• Jared Levy reports on ‘Welcome to Kutscher’s,’ a documentary about the old Borscht Belt hotels in the Catskills. A worthy read. [Jewcy]

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