Max Kampelman.(FP)
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Daybreak: Nuclear Talks With Iran to Restart

Plus Bulgaria to blame Iran and Hezbollah for Burgas bombing

Adam Chandler
February 05, 2013
Max Kampelman.(FP)

• In three weeks, nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group will commence in Kazakhstan of all good places. The talks were supposed to take place in late December or earlier January, but Iran didn’t respond to the proposed dates in time. [Times/AP]

• The government of Bulgaria is expected to name Hezbollah and Iran as the culprits in the Burgas bus bombing last July, which took the lives of five Israeli tourists and one Muslim bus driver. [WSJ]

• Noted conservative John Podhoretz laments the new GOP establishment, which is hostile toward the old GOP establishment and would prefer a smaller party rather than a party in power. [NYP]

• Alan Gerson has a moving tribute for Max Kampelman, who worked for President Reagan and helped enable the emigration of hundreds of thousands of Jews from the Soviet Union. Kampelman died in late January. [Forward]

• Zosia Mamet of the hit shows ‘Girls’ and ‘Mad Men’ told Jimmy Fallon that her father–playwright and Nextbook author David Mamet–was completely supportive of her plan to skip college and jump straight in acting. [Jewcy]

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