Free Syrian Army(AP)
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Daybreak: Russia Says Syria’s Losing Control

Riots continue after death of Palestinian teen

Adam Chandler
December 13, 2012
Free Syrian Army(AP)

• Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov gave an unusually candid and grim prognosis of Bashar Assad’s chances in the 21-month-long civil war. In announcing a plan for the evacuation of Russian citizens in Syria, Bogdanov signaled that the Assad regime, which it has supported against the rebels, will likely lose. [NYT]

• Rioting in Hebron continued into its second day following the shooting of a Palestinian teenager by an Israeli border guard. According to reports, the incident happened after the teen threatened the border guard and then brandished what was later found to be a toy gun. [JTA]

• A man was arrested for throwing a cup of bleach at Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, who was believed to have helped the victim in the Satmar sexual abuse case come forward. [Daily Mail]

• David Harris has announced that he will step down as the president of the National Jewish Democratic Council. [WJT]

• Sarah Silverman has a hilarious new message for all the ‘bros’ about women’s reproductive rights. [Jewcy]

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