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Daybreak: Shaul Mofaz Blames Bibi for Leak

Plus Aaron David Miller on Platformgate

Adam Chandler
September 06, 2012
Israeli PM Netanyahu and Shaul Mofaz in 2008(Getty)

Israeli PM Netanyahu and Shaul Mofaz in 2008(Getty)

• Israeli opposition leader Shaul Mofaz suggested that Shin Bet investigate Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about sensitive information leaked from a high-level security cabinet meeting, causing the meeting’s cancellation. [Times of Israel]

• Aaron David Miller gives sharp context to the significance of Jerusalem’s inclusion the platform of the Democratic party. [CNN]

• Alan Kreigsman, long-time critic and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, has died at 84. [NYT]

• Leah Koenig writes on the resurgence of tongue–the other read meat–and the various ways it’s being prepared. [Forward]

• Rikki Novetsky reports on Matisyahu’s post-beard religious leanings and new acting ambitions. [Jewcy]

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