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Daybreak: Silicon Valley #1, Tel Aviv #2

Plus, United States pushes back on Iran intelligence report

Adam Chandler
August 10, 2012

• In its upcoming September issue, Wired magazine names Tel Aviv the second largest tech start-up hub behind Silicon Valley. [Haaretz]

• After it was widely reported that the recent National Intelligence Estimate on Iran had raised alarm about Iran’s nuclear capabilities in U.S. intelligence circles, the United States is pushing back with doubts on whether Tehran is pursuing a nuclear weapon. [Reuters]

• Egypt is demanding the extradition of three members of Hamas that it believes aided the Sinai attack that killed 16 Egyptian policemen. According to reports, one of the three is Raed Attar, who was involved in the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. [Times of Israel]

• An American woman is suing El Al for allegedly forcing her to sit in the back of a plane to accommodate the request of religious passengers. [Globes]

• Following some strong showings by Iranian athletes, Iran is still claiming that the Olympics Games are a Zionist conspiracy. [Atlantic]

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