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Daybreak: The Last 30 Days of the Campaign

Plus Jack Lew as Secretary of Treasury?

Adam Chandler
November 08, 2012
Obama Chief of Staff Jack Lew(Getty)
Obama Chief of Staff Jack Lew(Getty)

• The Times breaks down the last 30 days of the presidential campaign, noting how an election that hung in the balance following the first presidential debate was ultimately won. [NYT]

• David Ignatius looks at the urgent tasks of President Obama’s second term from a domestic and foreign policy standpoint. He also floats Obama Chief of Staff Jack Lew as a likely candidate to be Secretary of Treasury. [WaPo]

• Headline of the Day (and a good read): Obama win puts Netanyahu between Barack and a hard place [Times of Israel]

• The filmmaker who produced and directed the “Innocence of Muslims” has been sentenced to a year in federal prison for probation violations. [JTA]

• Jewcy presents the election hangover edition of its popular Network Jews series. [Jewcy]

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