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Daybreak: U.S. Blames Iran for Bank Hacks

Plus snow blankets Jerusalem and much of Israel

Adam Chandler
January 09, 2013
Snowfall in Jerusalem in 2008(Israelity)
Snowfall in Jerusalem in 2008(Israelity)

• U.S. officials have concluded that the sophistication of the cyber attacks recently unleashed upon American banks signals that were the work of Iran, presumably in retaliation for the American-led economic sanctions on Iran. [NYT]

• Snow and hail continued to fall in Israel with some bigger accumulations in the north and what’s expected to be a solid accumulation in Jerusalem. While providing a much-needed jolt to the postcard industry, the extreme weather in the region has caused a wide rash of power outages and flooding. [JTA]

• Something to make your week…interesting: Here’s Dr. Ruth talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. [NPR]

• Gawker, never one to shy away from controversy, has published a map featuring all of the gun owners in New York City. The Jewish presence on the list is notable, but then again, so is the Jewish presence in New York. [Gawker]

• Israeli President and Nextbook author Shimon Peres gets profiled in the newest issue of the New York Times Magazine, in which Peres talks about peace and Israel’s image. [NYTM]

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