Christine Quinn Arriving at Ed Koch’s Funeral Earlier This Month(AP)
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Daybreak: U.S. to Arm Syrian Rebels?

Plus Christine Quinn weighs the pros and cons of a Koch endorsement

Adam Chandler
February 19, 2013
Christine Quinn Arriving at Ed Koch's Funeral Earlier This Month(AP)

• After initially rejecting a plan by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary-in-purgatory Leon Panetta to arm the Syrian rebels in their fight against Bashar Assad, President Barack Obama is reportedly considering that same policy now as the Syrian civil war continues without an end in sight. [UPI]

• Current Speaker of the New York City Council and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn was reportedly endorsed by the late Ed Koch–long a wielder of political influence–prior to his death earlier this month. Quinn’s campaign now must gauge if and how to use the endorsement. [NYT]

• Hamas is reportedly angry with Egypt for flooding tunnels between Sinai and Gaza with sewage water in order to shut down an extensive smuggling operation across the between the borders. [AP]

• The papers and letters of Yiddish poet and novelist Chaim Grade have been jointly acquired by the YIVO Institute in New York and the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem. Grade’s estate had been in limbo since his death in 1982. [JTA]

• A look back at the Israeli songwriter and composer Shmulik Kraus, who made an indelible impact on modern Israeli music and culture. [JPost]

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