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Daybreak: Welcome Back, Westboro

Fear in Israel, suspicion in the U.S., and more from the news

Hadara Graubart
August 12, 2009

• Some of the lovely folks from Kansas’s Westboro Baptist Church have set up in front of Jewish organizations in New York City with signs reading “God hates Jews.” (Well, it’s really more love/hate.) [JPost]
• Ukrainian Holocaust survivor and prize-winning Yiddish author Josef Burg has died at age 90. [JTA]
• Israel fears that recent quiet days are the calm before the storm. [NYT]
• A huge influx of refugees from Africa has Israel’s government flummoxed. [AP]
• According to a recent survey, 55 percent of American Jews think President Obama is being “naïve” in his expectations from Palestinians. [JPost]
• Obama will participate in a 40 minute call-in program about health reform sponsored by religious groups, including the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. [JTA]

Hadara Graubart was formerly a writer and editor for Tablet Magazine.