(University of Bologna.)
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Daybreak: World’s Oldest Torah Found in Italy

Plus an elucidating new report on the West Bank

Adam Chandler
May 29, 2013
(University of Bologna.)

• The University of Bologna has a Kosher section in its library that includes a very recently discovered Torah. The complete scroll is thought to be more than 850 years old, making it the world’s oldest complete Torah. [BBC]

• The International Crisis Group’s latest report sheds light on the political and economic insecurity in the West Bank and looks into the likelihood of greater unrest there. [ICG]

• Gawker looks at a letter by Al Qaeda middle-management that chastises a member for failing to fill out expense reports. A funny story with a horrific ending. [Gawker]

• Over the weekend, Israeli ambassador Michael Oren outlined how Iran’s nuclear program remains the Middle East’s biggest threat. Still an important read. [WaPo]

• NPR offers a first listen of Eleanor Friedberger’s new album ‘Personal Record.’ My neighbor seems to like it. [NPR]

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