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Did Beck Regret ‘Death Camps’ Comment?

Fox denies accusation of decency

Marc Tracy
August 04, 2010
Glenn Beck.(Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Time Inc)
Glenn Beck.(Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Time Inc)

In the course of verbally sparring with Simon Greer and his Jewish Funds for Justice, Fox News host Glenn Beck argued that Greer’s support for such Communist policies as progressive taxation and some modicum of a social welfare state followed Nazi logic; in response to a petition against him, Beck implied that he believes the Jews killed Jesus. Greer thought this was a bit much.

According to Greer, though, so did Fox News executives, including CEO Roger Ailes. They met with Greer, agreed that Beck had crossed a line (specifically regarding the Nazi/death camps remarks), and pledged to confront him; a few days later, Greer apparently received a hand-written note from the host.

However, faced with this account, Fox acknowledged a meeting took place but denied that Ailes agreed that Beck had behaved inappropriately. “We absolutely stood behind Glenn Beck 1000%,” the spokesperson said. Aw, just when we were ready to praise you guys!

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Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.

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