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Egyptian Professor: Jews Committed ‘Counter Holocaust’ Against Germans

Honestly this is a new one for me

Jesse Bernstein
March 22, 2018
Egyptian historian Bassam El Shammaa speaks on MEMRI TVYouTube
Egyptian historian Bassam El Shammaa speaks on MEMRI TVYouTube

Bassam El Shammaa is an Egyptian Egyptologist, notable for his theory that a second Sphinx lays buried beneath the Giza plateau. Knowledgable as he may be on long-lost limestone statues, El Shammaa ran into a little trouble last week when he moved to a a slightly more controversial topic: the Holocaust.

El Shammaa appeared on Palestinian Authority television on March 15 to discuss a couple of topics: “basketball-playing, hamburger-eating Americans,” the Khazar theory, and the tabula rasa of the average American’s mind when it comes to the Jewish question. But most importantly is his theory of the “counter Holocaust,” which he discusses below:

First thing’s first, for El Shammaa: the Holocaust was exaggerated, and is more notable as a Zionist tool than an as a historical tragedy. Pleasantries dispensed with, he moves into the main argument. European Jews, he says, rounded up millions of Germans following WWII in order to perpetrate a “counter-Holocaust.” 60,000-80,000 were murdered, and millions more tortured at the hands of vengeance-seeking Jews. The bulk of his claim comes from a long-ago-debunked book called An Eye for an Eye: The Story of the Jews Who Sought Revenge for the Holocaust, published in 1993.

It’s not the first time El Shammaa has repeated this claim. Back in December, he said the same thing on Egyptian television, translated below:

The Holocaust was the burning of the Jews by the Nazis, and the Jews have been playing this card, inflating the figures, and so on. This is well known. After the Nazis and Hitler were defeated – I’m telling it in a way that will be easy to understand – the tables were turned. The Jews in Europe captured the Germans, put them in camps, and started to kill them. 60,000 to 80,000 Germans were killed, and two or three million Germans were persecuted and tortured by the Jews. But nobody talks about this counter Holocaust.

Jesse Bernstein is a former Intern at Tablet.