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EU Official Goes Off On ‘Zionist Bullshit’ Emails

A lesson in how not to unsubscribe from email newsletters

Isabel Fattal
June 11, 2014

This weekend, European Union official Mattia Zilli decided he had enough of the United with Israel email newsletter he had been receiving regularly since 2011. The European Commission’s Research Executive Agency employee sent an angry email from his work account to Rabbi Ari Enkin, United with Israel’s rabbinic director of United with Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports. It said, plainly, “STOP fucking writing me about your Zionist bullshit.”

The organization says Zilli has since sent a letter of apology, attributing his frustration to the fact that he had tried, unsuccessfully, to unsubscribe to their newsletter before. (According to the Jerusalem Post, a United With Israel spokesperson said the newsletter’s automated ‘unsubscribe’ function is working correctly.)

“Please believe that I have absolutely no feelings against Israel, its culture, language…the religion, or anything that Israel could ever represent,” Zilli wrote in his apology, citing his own Jewish lineage and mentioning a trip that he had taken to Israel last year.

Zilli added, “my harsh, impulsive and of course not thoughtful reaction, does first of all not represent in anyway the opinion of my employers, the one of any of my colleagues or even of any of my friends and also last but not least not mine. It was just a stupid impulsive reaction under work stress which of course should not have happened.”

United with Israel’s Enkin reportedly accepted the apology, and said he would be happy to meet with Zilli on his next trip to Israel.

Isabel Fattal, a former intern at Tablet Magazine, attends Wesleyan University.