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French Public School Refuses Pork Alternatives

And just as horsemeat is becoming trendy

Adam Chandler
March 06, 2013
Arveyres, France.(Wikipedia)
Arveyres, France.(Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago, a study showed that anti-Semitic attacks in France had risen 58% in 2012. And, despite an upsurge in the popularity of horsemeat in France, today it was announced that a public school near Bordeaux in southern France would no longer accommodate its Jewish and Muslim students with meat alternatives to pork in school lunches, presumably because of budgetary constraints.

In a statement, the school’s management said that out of a total of 180 pupils, 28 do not eat pork. The school said the students who don’t eat pork may switch to a vegetarian menu. “They have enough things to eat at the cafeteria, including proteins,” the school management is quoted as telling the radio station.

In other words, let them eat cake.

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