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Giving Greece’s Neo-Nazis a Makeover

Flags worthy of 21st-century Holocaust deniers

Marc Tracy
May 16, 2012
Sad Nazis.(All art by Margarita Korol.)
Sad Nazis.(All art by Margarita Korol.)

Last weekend, the founder of Golden Dawn, the Greek neo-Nazi party that won 7 percent of the vote in national elections a week and a half ago, engaged in Holocaust denial. Specifically, he acknowledged the Nazis killed Jews, but added, “There were no ovens. This is a lie. I believe that it is a lie. There were no gas chambers either.”

Golden Dawn at once pays homage to and veers from Hitler’s ideology; it seems to imply that they are Nazis but will never be quite as good Nazis as the actual Nazis. They might say they suffered from an “anxiety of influence,” at least until they learned that a Jew coined that phrase. And you can see this identity crisis in their official flag:

Actual Golden Dawn flag.

One’s heart breaks for that poor, mangled, indecisive swastika. Golden Dawn, which is so much more of an interesting brand of Nazi party, deserves better, and with that in mind, I asked Tablet Magazine’s contributing artist, Margarita Korol, to come up with some flags that might put a more proudly Nazi step forward.

Love Nazis. You’re Golden Dawn! Say it loud, say it proud!

Manly Nazis. Totally heterosexual, too.

Sad Nazis. Only seven percent of the vote. ;-(.

Dada Nazis. So pomo.

Pride Nazis. Be inclusive: It’ll help you get more votes!

Apologetic Nazis. Look, this isn’t about hating the Jews, it’s just about being Nazis. See?

Yoga Nazis. Ommmm.

Big Mac Nazis. Yummmm.

Greek Nazis. Putting the “national” back in National Socialism.

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.