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Hateful Conspiracy Theorist Backed by Jewish Politician Josh Mandel is Now Hyping Anti-Semitic Propaganda

The far-right personality, Mike Cernovich, is now sharing Rothschild conspiracies

Yair Rosenberg
August 03, 2017
Ben Garrison, via Twitter
Ben Garrison, via Twitter
Ben Garrison, via Twitter
Ben Garrison, via Twitter

Last month, Ohio treasurer Josh Mandel, a past and present Republican senate candidate, raised eyebrows by going to bat for misogynist conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich after the Anti-Defamation League included him in a report on far-right extremists:

As I detailed at the time, among other exploits, Cernovich was one of the chief promoters of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which led to a restaurant shooting, and has a long history of misogynist comments, including the claim that “date rape does not exist.” As a central personality in the alt-right ecosystem, Cernovich also has a wide array of anti-Semitic fans, many of whom came out to defend him against the ADL alongside Mandel. Yesterday, Cernovich returned the favor and hyped a site showcasing blatant anti-Semitic propaganda.

On Tuesday afternoon, Cernovich started pushing a campaign to discredit National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, who is despised by the alt-right for his perceived effort to root out their sympathizers in the administration.

Those who followed the link to the web-site, however, were immediately greeted with this bigoted graphic:

The notion that the Rothschild family manipulates world affairs, of course, is a classic anti-Jewish canard. After the cartoon’s anti-Semitism began drawing attention, it was cropped slightly on the web site to hide the Rothschild bit at the top–as though a cartoon asserting that America’s administration is controlled by puppetmaster Jewish financier George Soros is somehow less anti-Semitic.

Does Mandel still “stand with” Cernovich? Repeated requests for comment by journalists and Ohio voters to him and his campaign highlighting this episode have received no response on Twitter.

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