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Hunting for Kosher Food Among the Elephants

Will I subsist on Chex Mix at this year’s Republican National Convention?

Yair Rosenberg
August 27, 2012

With the Republican National Convention delayed until Tuesday thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac, reporters are using the extra time to get acclimated, explore the area, and connect with sources and acquaintances. I, on the other hand, had a more immediate concern: ensuring that I would not have to subsist on granola and Chex Mix for the duration of my stay. To that end, after filing my piece on the chief rabbi of the RNC, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik early this afternoon, I began my hunt for kosher food.

The record shows that kosher fare was provided at both party conventions last election cycle, so it stood to reason that I would find some here in Tampa. And given that a bona fide Orthodox rabbi would be kicking off the ceremonies, I presumed it would not be hard to procure. But after fruitless inquiries to the press desk and the general convention information desk—and having consumed a Hershey bar and bag of potato chips—I began to worry. That’s when I asked Twitter.

It did not work. (Unless you count responses from Twitterati like @whatamentsch explaining “You’re at the wrong convention if you want Kosher food.”) Thankfully, however, Plan B did. As it turns out, Chabad of Tampa Bay runs a local catering service—with delivery!—featuring everything from bagels and lox to pizza to sushi. So dear reader (by which I mean, specifically, my mom), not to worry—you can be assured that I will not go hungry during my stay. Which means you can look forward to coverage of tomorrow’s convention kick-off, interviews with young Jewish Republican activists and politicians, and much more in the days to come.

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