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‘I Want to Stab a Jew’

A Jordanian-Palestinian teacher egged on his pig-tailed, kitchen knife-wielding daughter to spout anti-Semitic pledges. Then he posted it on Facebook.

Jonathan Zalman
October 21, 2015

Last week, a Jordanian-Palestinian man recorded a conversation he had with his daughter, and posted the video to Facebook. These types of conversationsof cute kids in pigtails saying stuffare commonplace on social media, of course. But this video sticks out because this particular cute child said “I want to stab a Jew” while holding a knife so big it extends from her chin to her waist.

First reported by The Times of Israel, the video was posted onto a Facebook page called “The Palestinian Scene” by Abdulhaleem Abuesha, a teacher at a refugee camp in Jordan. Here’s the translated dialogue between Abuesa and his daughter, Rahf:

Rahf: “I want to stab a Jew.”

Abuesha: “Why do you want to stab the Jew?”

Rahf: “Because he stole our land.”

Abuesha: “They stole our land. With what do you want to stab them?”

Rahf: “With a knife.”

Abuesha: “Oh, you’re so strong. Allah willing, my dear.”

This hate, passed so callously along from father to daughter, came with hastags, too—nuggets of spreadable, violent anti-Semitism:

#Our Children_The Vanguards_Of Liberation
#Abbas_Doesn’t_Represent Me
#The Resistance_Represents Me
#Stab #Slaughter #Incite #Resist

Jonathan Zalman is a writer and teacher based in Brooklyn.