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Iran’s Press TV: Israel Killed JFK

You’ll never guess who Iran’s state media thinks was behind the assassination

Yair Rosenberg
November 26, 2013
Benjamin Netanyahu prepares time travel assault on unsuspecting President Kennedy (@darth)
Benjamin Netanyahu prepares time travel assault on unsuspecting President Kennedy (@darth)

Almost from the moment it took place, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been fodder for conspiracy theorists. A week after the shooting, Golda Meir voiced her suspicion in the Knesset that it was carried out by pro-Castro forces. Some have pinned the murder on the CIA, others on the Secret Service. And Oliver Stone blamed it on Tommy Lee Jones. But this past week, Iran’s state media published an exposé that blew the lid off the case. “Israel and its global Zionist crime syndicate were major players if not THE main player in the JFK assassination,” Press TV explained, in an article titled “Israel called shots from grassy knoll.”

The author of this masterful work of investigative reporting–9/11 truther, Holocaust denier and former University of Wisconsin lecturer Kevin Barrett–is aware that his thesis may seem far-fetched. But he counters the doubters decisively:

Were the Zionists really in a position to set the JFK assassination wheels in motion? Skeptics argue that Israel is just a tiny entity of eight million people, so it is preposterous to imagine that it is dominating the US empire or steering history. Yet the facts are otherwise: The tiny Zionist entity of eight million people, together with its millions of fanatical loyalists all over the world, clearly dominates US foreign policy, and has done so since the murder of JFK. It seems that the JFK coup d’état was a turning point: The Eisenhower and Kennedy presidencies ran independent foreign policies focused on US interests not Israeli interests. But since the slaughter of the Kennedies, the US has been an abject slave of Israel.

We have some questions about this analysis. Why doesn’t any of it explain how Israel actually shot JFK? How exactly was Jimmy Carter the abject slave of Israel? And is the plural of Kennedy really “Kennedies”?

Nonetheless, we appreciate the good faith efforts of Iran’s state media in pursuing this important inquiry. And while we remain unconvinced by this particular report, we look forward to Press TV’s next exposé on how the Mossad traveled back in time to kidnap Elvis.

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